Hi Fabio,

What would help you to market Plone in Brazil?  How can Plone compete
more effectively against those CMSes you mentioned (WebSphere,
SharePoint, Vignete, DotNetNuke)?
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On 12/6/07, Fábio Rizzo <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Awesome! I'm very happy with this, specialy because now I can help Plone
> even more.
> In Brazil we are disseminating Plone for more than 5 years, this year I had
> the oportunity to make a talk in Argentina too, and now we are helping
> people in Latin American too. I have done some important and big projects in
> ThreePointsWeb, an small company that works only with Plone.
> And working with Plone, I always heard questions like:
>     * Who support Plone?
>     * Who Protect Plone?
>     * How can I get some help? Only out of Brazil? In Brazil only with you?
>     * Plone isn't a Brazilian Software, its safe to use this and get some
> help? Its safe to Invest in Plone?
> And I feel people uncomfortable with the fact of a small number of Plone
> companies supporting Plone. And be a member of PF connect the use of Plone
> in Brazil with PF, and, in my experience it's a great moment. For shure now
> we can easier sell Plone instead WebSphere, SharePoint, Vignete, DotNetNuke,
> and so on.
> Be a part of PF make easier to be listened, specialy in our Brazilian
> Government. I hope that I could help Plone to grow in Latin America, and I
> hope to be with you all on the next Plone Conference.
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> Fábio Rizzo Matos
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