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Oggetto: [Evangelism] Very nice Brand presentation


you've probably already seen it; it's really worth thinking of our brand, especially after the PSPS! :)

Yep, that's a very good presentation. Not only because it tells lots about branding but also because it is a great presentation ;-)

The problem is though that it might not be aimed at open source projects. Here the basis is to have a company in the middle which is to some extent in control of the brand. They can decide "we only do sports cars". In an Open Source model everybody is the company and everybody might do whatever he wants with the product (framework? ;) ).

Thus Focus might be complicated.

So the presentation might say in the open source case:

"It's not what YOU say it is, it's what THEY make out of it"

Thus if there would be a majority who uses Plone as a framework maybe it is one. But I guess the PSPS sort of suggested that it isn't and instead is a very flexible product.

So the question here might be what Plone actually stands for.

Some ideas might be Professional, Usability or Flexibility which spontaneously come to my mind.

BTW, there are tons of great slideshows on slideshare about marketing, branding, new media and so on.

-- Christian

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