The weekend I was at FOSDEM (as you might have noticed) but unfortunately did not find any Plone or even Python talk there.

As I think that's not so good (esp. as e.g. Drupal seems to be everywhere) I would like to change it for FrOSCon (and possibly next year's FOSDEM)

FrOSCon stands for "Free and Open Source Conference" and happens on August 23/24 in Sankt Augustin (close to Bonn) in Germany.

There is a chance to get a developers room for either Plone alone or mixed Plone/Zope/Python talks. The only thing we need is talks though.

So if anybody is willing to give a talk there (and has a chance to go to Germany at that time) please tell me (or reply here). I can then contact Scotty again to make that devroom fixed.

Talks can be in german and english.

There probably is also the chance to get a stand but that of course means we need material and people to be there.

I will also send this notice to the DZUG mailing list as DZUG has been active there last year already with a Grok workshop.

You can find FrOSCon at http://froscon.de

-- Christian

PS: I wonder if it would make sense to have a calendar or list of conferences in a central place to put conference on which might be worth going to and having a presence.

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