Tim Knapp escribió:
Hi guys,

Just to let you all know that unfortunately Drupal beat us[1] to the
punch in NZ. Will need to factor this in to our promotional
activities/approach here in NZ.


[1] http://drupalsouth.net.nz/

Heee... keep moving! don't let them beat you. And event thinking is Drupal, they should be allied.

I would try to go there, contact them, exchange information and make friends and invite them to the WPD, i believe we should cooperate with other CMSs comunities because the enemy is not there :D

Also, keep in mind that we're trying to reach desition makers in the WPD and a camp usually don't meet this public.

Did you try contacting the people in the government ?, problably you can organize something together: http://plone.org/news/new-zealand-government-releases-web-guidelines-plone-instance

Kind Regards


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