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> One other thing, Google have said they can provide us with some giveaway
> swag on the day but due to personnel numbers can only send the swag to
> 1-2 main distribution points. This would mean that we either a) need to
> arrange a fundraising effort for funds for delivery of these items
> worldwide or b) work out a method of arranging for each event to somehow
> pay for the delivery of these items to their location. I'm personally
> more in favour of b) as this means that they only get delivered to
> events that have pledged (financially) that they really want the items.
> If we don't arrange something, these items may just end up going to a
> couple of locations and that would be a shame (for the record they are
> Moleskin style notebooks[2]).

Go with #2 - you should be able to send items cash on delivery IIRC. Customs
duties are something each recipient should plan for.


Leslie Hawthorn
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