Zea Partners is involved in Qualoss and Flossmetrics. We also have established a close collaboration with other EU research projects.

Very soon, Plone going to be added to projects analyzed by Flossmetrics:

So far, it has been very difficult to establish a link with the OS Community on these topics. In 2009, I would like to organize a validation workshop that would involve researchers (who would present the data they can extract from the Plone/Zope repositories) and community experts to be found (that could provide feedback on the quality and interpretation of the data extracted. Before this, I would like to know if we could find some "quality leaders" within the Plone and Zope community that could become technical contact points to provide feedback to the researchers.

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A number of articles related to EU activities are published here:

Among the articles presenting awards:

you will find:
Plone: Best IST research project website

On 31 Oct 2008, at 10:22, Graham Perrin wrote:

<http://planet.plone.org/> led me to yesterday's Zea Partners article:

EU Research investigates the Quality and Socioeconomic aspects of Free
Libre Open Source Software

The thirty-month QUALOSS project is scheduled to end around March 2009.
We are currently negotiating an extension of 6 to 9 months.

I wonder what the quality measurements of Plone will be.

Personally, I think that Plone excels in many areas. The recent swarm views of things are testaments to openness and innovation, both flourishing in and
around the quality requirements and long-term planning of Plone core.


QUALity in Open Source Software

Business Readiness Rating™ (BRR)

Qualification and Selection of Open Source software (QSOS)

<http://www.qualoss.org/dissemination/comparing-assessment- methodologies-for-free-open-source>
(June 2008) and the related PDF (sixteen pages).

<http://n2.nabble.com/RDF-and-Researchers-tp362574p362578.html> (May 2007)

<http://n2.nabble.com/3-research-projects-investigating-open-source- software-quality-launch-a-join-portal-tp362581p362581.html>
(June 2007)

Flossquality - Open source quality research

Software Quality Observatory for Open Source Software

Free/Libre Open Source Software Metrics

<http://n2.nabble.com/Plone-code-swarm---275-code-contributors--- more-than-Drupal-and-Joomla-combined-tp1387483p1387483.html>
(October 2008)


That at least four of the sites referenced above are Plone-powered should be
no surprise;

explains how collaborative software as Plone brings outstanding benefits
to EU research projects.

and by pleasant coincidence, earlier this week I prepared Plone site for a
five-nation six-partner EU project :)


Graham Perrin, Project/Media Development Officer
CENTRIM - the Centre for Research in Innovation Management
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