I quite like the World Plone Day logo.

But I think it could be made a little bit stronger for next year. I
found that the text "Plone" was a bit too hard to read in some
situations. Particualry in the tee-shirt prints. Attached is a low
quality photo of NZ tee-shirt. To be fair - in real life "Plone" is a
little bit easier to read on the tee-shirts. (That's Chris Chambers
who organised the of the Auckland event modeling the NZ tee-shirt.)

I suggest that the whole WPD logo should be just one colour way.
(Perhaps "world" and "day" could be just outline text. Leaving "Plone"
with focus as solid text.)

Or at least the text "Plone" should be in the same colour as the Plone logo.

Michael Dunstan

<<attachment: WPD Ts_002.jpg>>

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