Alexander Limi wrote:
>> Notice all those 'Anonymous Cowards' in the comments? This Drupal site's
>> 'User login' feature is not working … I had to laugh (and have commented
>> politely to the author).
> That is indeed funny. :D

Not as funny as: my comment to the author (about the login problem)
coinciding with accidental disruption, by construction workers, of mains
electrical power, telephone and network services to and from the main campus
of our University. So when my comment was read, none of our own web servers
could be contacted. Ha. Ha.

CMS war karma, is what I call that :D

I received a very pleasant e-mail from Xiao Feng, which he offered to share
with Plone community. I'll do so in the General Questions area and then we
can probably consider this thread (in Evangelism) suitably closed. 

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