I think this is a splendid way to raise visibility of Plone in general while
giving a much deserved tip o' the hat to hard working, creative developers,
designers, and even innovative users.  

Your proposal is much more effictive than my "Plone Metrics
Person-of-the-Year Award" every Dec. 31.  That one is entirely my call and
is basically worth a free beer if a winner can find me.    (BTW, previous
winners were
Alexander Limi  (2007) and
Joel Burton  (2008).) 

Your concept provides a reasonably fair framework while rewarding a wide
spectrum of Plone talent.  I'll admit there'll be a certain amount of
overhead work, but the internal and external payoffs are large.

My only complaint is that "Ploney" rhymes with phony and that has pretty
negative connotations. I'd go with something straight-forward like "1st
Annual Plone Awards."  

Thanks for the well thought-out and detailed proposal.


matt_fisher wrote:
> Proposal: 1st Annual Ploney Awards
> File under: Marketing, viral and social
> What is it: Lightweight, semi-serious recognition for outstanding  
> products, contributions and innovations in the Plone community in  
> several categories.

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