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I've put together a drawing board in the Plone Marketing openplans.org project to start to flesh out ideas related to the Plone Awards, including exactly how many Jewels Of Fantasy Mystical Unicorn Figurines we'd need to buy. :)

The page is here:       

When I have a little time, I'll plug in my own 2 cents and summarize the discussion so far from this list into the outline I put there. Please feel free to add any thoughts you've got to that page or this thread.



Plone Awards Drawing Board

This page serves as a brainstorming & critique area for fleshing out topics related to what will hopefully be an annual Plone community awards process. I'll outline what I think are some headings and add some thoughts, but that doesn't mean that you shouldn't add/critique where you think appropriate. Also, I'll take the liberty of summarizing or pasting from the Plone Evangelism list for the benefit of the folks who don't subscribe there or don't want to dig through the threads.

At the bottom of this page, you'll see a team volunteers section. If you'd like be informed of online meetups to discuss and plan, please add your name to the list. If you can't figure out how to do that, please email me and let me know you're interested in getting behind the scenes (no obligation to do heavy lifting implied). -Matt

Plone Awards Ideas

(i.e. Why do this?)
Values and standards
(or, say to yourself "I'd would give others totally free reign to do this as long as they...")
(what concretely does a wildly successful awards process look like, in terms of features, aspects and qualities?)

Name & prizes
Submitting applications for award
Reviewing applications/submissions
Standards for awards by category
PR activities & timeline
Overall timeline
Requested collaboration from other Plone teams

Brainstorm list
(feel free to add any idea in any area to the list below)

Team volunteers
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