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Another issue that I have and don't know how to go about and think is very essential is: how can the plone.net site get a re-vamp? The concept is great and I think it works fantastic to support promoting Plone, but the look of the site seems so outdated. Is there anyone "kind of responsible" whom I could help with getting it re-done? Who would make such decisions in the plone community?

Hi Harito!

Plone.net is a project of the Plone Foundation itself... I'm currently serving as the 'project manager' for Plone.net; the team at Systems in Paris is responsible for the hosting and codebase. (They actually just moved the site to its new servers!)

We are indeed planning a long-overdue revamp of the look-and-feel of Plone.net this year. It will be based on the great design work that the team at Netsight has done for new.plone.org and thus will unify the look of Plone.org and Plone.net. (Woohoo!) We're going to wait for new.plone.org to launch (hopefully in the next month or so) and then start in on Plone.net work.

I've not yet thought in much detail about what kinds of help will be needed. I think the basic "look and feel" is pretty solid, but we'll probably need to adapt the generic new.plone.org look for Plone.net. There will definitely be some theme development work to do... I expect that we'll probably use Deliverance for that, since that is what new.plone.org is doing. Plone.net is currently a Plone 2.5 site, and it needs to be updated to Plone 3.x -- there's been some preliminary work towards that but I'm sure more hands would be helpful.

Plone.net related issues are discussed at http://lists.plone.org/mailman/listinfo/plonenet, please join us there!


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