Since O'Reilly is largely invested in book sales, some back of the envelope
calculations with Amazon sales ranks gives me a feeling that Plone book
sales are roughly 1/12 of Drupal's.  Very, very, very approximate.  (I'll
have my quarterly Amazon stats blog posting up within the week.)  

Then there's Ric
Shreve's article  on CMS market share that actually ignores market share
sensu strictu and after lots of data gathering, comes up with a heuristic
that identifies WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla as CMS leaders. 
Unfortunately, he never calculates a market share for any of those,
including Plone, that he researched.  My feeling is that WordPress isn't a
CMS and Plone should be in the top 3.  

The fact that Plone was the 2008 Packt non-PHP CMS should count for
something, too.  See my
blog  from last November about the inconsistency of comparing Drupal and
Joomla with Plone based on Packt's results.  


Calvin Hendryx-Parker wrote:
> "I'm not unwilling to test the waters, but can you give me an idea of  
> what you would consider the (Plone) market share to be?"
> Where can I find this type of information so we can put together an  
> argument about why Plone should even get their coverage?
> Cheers,
> Cal

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