Jens W. Klein escribió:
The project to implement needs reanimation.

In my opinion tasks are:
1 form a new group of gnome+plone people driving this project to success. 2 synchronize requirements with all participants 3 update to Plone 3.2/3.3 (recent stable)
4 setup a public testing environment
5 make it work / fix bugs if any
6 polish content and visuals
7 setup live hosting
8 go-live
9 have a party ;-)

Methods/Tools to reach the goal;

* online coordination (mailinglists, probably IRC)
* wiki * bug tracker * sprint

I do believe this is a very great plan.

David Bain offered to organize a sprint at Jamaica. From my experience its a real good idea to have a sprint to push forward. This needs fundraising to pay travel- and other expenses. Who can organize fundraising?

Let's suppose we find someone to do the fundraising task :), which could be the date for the sprint ?

Kind Regards


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