Boy, it's been years since I did Oracle demos, but unless things have 
changed dramatically, here goes...

Oracle Portal - does not 'do' content management.  Does not empower 
business users to author content, leverage workflow, compare diffs of 
content changes, etc. as you're used to with Plone.

Oracle Portal is a 'framework' for building things.  It'll do very 
little out of the box, but provides the plumbing to insert portlets 
(create a dashboard of them) that are provided by an organizations other 
huge commercial app vendors.  For instance, your company's MRP 
application (SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards) probably has a JSR-168 compliant 
(blah, blah, blah) portlet that will show a user who has the rights to 
see inventory levels of a given product you manufacture.  There is 
certainly a portlet from Siebel (CRM) that provides a view into the 
company sales pipeline, etc., etc.  Each other big app provides 
portlets, or you use your team of Java and PL/SQL developers to create 
your own and you assemble a dashboard to present the proper info to the 
proper user/department.

Oracle also purchased a commercial CMS vendor named Stellent a while 
back.  Oracle's CMS story used to be that 'you can leverage the Java and 
PL/SQL expertise that your IT already has to build a custom CMS on top 
of our portal framework that is customized to your needs.'  We won't 
even get into the fact that you need to have about 8 services running 
for Oracle portal to be alive and provide a response for your web 
requests - it's a behemoth!

Now Stellent is another story.  This is a truly 'enterprise' CMS that in 
theory can handle 'write-once-publish-anywhere' type functionality, so 
you can author content via the CMS and have it published on your website 
or in print form.  Incoming content is also more 'enterprisy', with 
hooks into huge OCR scanning systems and 'DAM' (Digital Asset 
Management) tools that allow one to manage all media, modify it via a 
browser (not just resize and rotate as with Plone), etc.

If Plone is up against Oracle Portal only, you should be able to blow it 
away with what Plone does out of the box, unless this truly is a shop 
that loves to develop custom widgets using their in-house Java and 
PL/SQL expertise.

If the competition is Stellent, then cost and ease-of-use is your 
biggest advantage.  Stellent is quite powerful, but there are so many 
different places to go (because of stitching together the DAM, workflow, 
and other features over the years from other systems) that it can be 
confusing and isn't nearly as simple as Plone's authoring/editing and 
its Site Setup area.

By the way, the Stellent sales team (if you are up against it) will 
point out that their CMS can transform incoming or outgoing to/from just 
about any proprietary format (Quark Express, heck, probably even 
FileMaker Pro, etc.), and this is true - Stellent is probably the best 
CMS out there for this, but that is a microcosm of what an org will use 
a CMS for typically, so try to keep things to 'Web' Content Management 
and away from off-line desktop publishing and Plone will do well.

I hope this helps!

Ken Wasetis

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> > All,
> >
> > I just joined the list a few days ago and I've learned so much  
> > already! I was wondering if there had been some similar work  
> > comparing Plone to Oracle Portal in a similar manner? If so, could  
> > someone point me to some resources?
> I don't know of anything comparing Plone and Oracle Portal, but if you  
> evaluate the two systems, we'd love to hear your feedback!
> Nate
> >
> >
> > Thanks!
> > Traci Blount
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> >>>> Nate Aune <na...@... 
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> 05/04/09 8:32 PM >>>
> > Idea to create whitepaper from Plone and Sharepoint stories. See
> >
> >
> >> A great idea Nate!  Just to point out to those that mgiht not have  
> >> seen it
> >> yet, my blog post from Internet World:
> >>
> >>
> >
> > Yes, great post!
> >
> >> I had a couple of people come by the stand and look at the  
> >> brochure, and
> >> when I approched them they said 'oh we use microsfot technology...'  
> >> or 'oh
> >> we are going to use sharepoint'.  I think the key is to really show  
> >> users
> >> that Plone vs Sharepoint is like Apples vs Oranges.  They really are
> >> different beasts.  I normally start by telling people that they can  
> >> co-exist
> >> together and really serve slightly different functions.   The  
> >> people I
> >> showed demos to of Plone at the expo really were blown away by the
> >> flexibility of Plone and what can be achieve with it.
> >
> > Yes, it's not fair to compare the two systems because they are
> > fundamentally targeting different use cases, but one cannot deny that
> > Plone's feature set overlaps a lot with what Sharepoint provides, and
> > vice versa.
> >
> >> I think they biggest thing to get over, is as Karl says in his Blog  
> >> post,
> >> that in corporate-land deploying Sharepoint comes under a central  
> >> IT budget.
> >> Even if the costs are higher (which is another topic... people  
> >> think it is
> >> 'free') the end department that wants it is rarely the one that  
> >> pays for it.
> >
> > Good point. I came across this SaaS cost savings calculator which
> > might be useful for getting a good overview of what traditional
> > "on-premise" software from the likes of Microsoft, Lotus, etc. costs
> > an organization depending on how many users they have.
> >
> >
> > Nate
> >
> > p.s. cc'ing the evangelism list since others might want to join in on
> > this conversation.
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