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On Fri, May 8, 2009 at 3:13 AM, Antonio Carrasco MDDsl <
> wrote:

>  Dear Colleagues,
> We at Model Driven Development sl (Valencia, Spain)
> have developed with our institutional sponsor
> GIS project
> an application for agile collaborative translation of user interface
> strings,
> able to manage all the strings from all Plone and 3rd party .PO and .POT
> we've been able to gather, and still offer excelent performance
> even in lesser systems like an eeeUbuntu.
> I am sure that the  symposium would be a good place to gather priceless
> feedback,
> and also an opportunity for the domain players to know about it,
> and may be include the app in their future tacticals.
> May I ask, as late as it is, some opportunity, slot, or permission to
> publicise this applicartion ?
> I also welcome leads about possible sponsors for further perfecting the
> application,
> as this is, we believe, a most relevant aspect of european FLOSS IT future
> consolidation.
> In short: a non trivial Plone product that proves its excellence for high
> loads
> (thanks in part to implement interactions of the  most critical use cases
> as AJAX)
> that's bound to make a difference in the completeness of Plone and Plone
> products internationalization,
> and seeking additional sponsorts, on top of the current goverment ones,
> to further the  breadh and depth of the tool coverage of the problem and
> solution spaces.
> Antonio Carrasco Valero
> Model Driven Development, sl
> 608 792 429
> See you at Sorrento!
> Cheers!
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