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As many, i receive CMSWire newletter, which is always recalling me of important events on the radar.. but i'm still waiting to see the Plone Conference 2009 appearing there :)

Talking with Balasz Ree, organizer of the Plone Conference 2009, it came out that he has already invited hungarian media to cover the event, but no others.

He also told me there is no problem to give press tickets to journalists we would like to invite, making sure they don't want to come for free just on the reason of being press.

So i'm asking you if it is feasible to share a list of interesting magazines to approach, and invite them to the conference.

i can just note down this three:

- http://www.cmswatch.com/

- http://www.cmswire.com/

- http://punto-informatico.it/  (Italian)

can you suggest more? :)
if you directly know journalists on those magazines, can you also offer to contact them?


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