Karl Horak wrote:

>"Sandia relies heavily on SharePoint for internal information silos and now
> has an external SP server.  However, Plone is easier to customize for
> project brand identification, goes beyond mere document management, is far
> more usable, has almost unlimited flexibility, and can be ported to our
> international partners without a huge MS price tag."

Don't make people search for an elevator pitch like this.
Such quotes belong in big on the front-page of plone.org 
Every week another one.  "Plone Quote of the week"

Here is mine:
"I just saw your demo of Plone. Now I'm confused: last week I saw a demo
about Sharepoint. Or Plone is really superior to sharepoint in many ways,
or I saw a really bad demo about sharepoint." - Business manager of a very
large Belgian IT-company.


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