Both ideas are awesome. We might get some international press if we did an international sprint so I will put my hand up to organize the Australian part of the sprint.

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Thanks to all the peope who filled the survey we can announce the date for 2010 edition:

April 28th 2010

On our annual conference in Germany we discussed the motto for the next World Plone Day. This year the local groups made a website for a local school for free during the World Plone Day. They started in the morning and presented the outcome in the afternoon. This was a great success in the press, so we want to have a similar motto next year.

We have several ideas but made no decision yet: a free website for a NGO, for the municipality or a special focus as 'Intranets with Plone'.

Another idea was to show the audience the way we develop and improve Plone with sprints and to have some kind of national or international sprint during the WPD over IRC while the sprinters sit in a neighboring room to the room where we held the talks. So we could show the audience how we work, how new users can join the community, how they can report a bug or make a feature request, we can give them a real open source experience. We could even make live transmissions from different locations via Skype to show the audience that Plone is used all over the world.

What do you think about this?

Jan Ulrich Hasecke
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