Last weekend was the New Zealand pycon where Joel Burton gave a keynote. He also gave a 30min talk on what is Plone. I've been working with Plone for 6 years but I was taken aback by just how impressive Plone is when you really see all the feature back to back presented to you in a well delivered way.

The video's not up yet but it should appear soon [1]

It did make me think however that a demo video based on that talk would work great on the plone site as well being able to be played on a monitor at trade shows. Something 10min long maybe with audio but also text so it could play silent if need be?


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Date: 11 November 2009 9:54:00 PM
Subject: Packt Feedback
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Stoyan Stefanov, one of Packt's judges, gives a high-level overview of how he saw the non-PHP systems stack up during this year's competition. His evaluationincluded these bullets: 
  • python
  • slick and contemporary
  • impressive list of add-ons
  • excellent step-by-step tutorials, manuals and a free online book
  • impressive client list, starting with (since I bitch about performance throughout this post) Akamai, the CDN provider
  • +1 for performance best practices
  • -10 for missing demo?
Obviously the missing demo didn't count too heavily against Plone, but it might be something that both the evangelism and hosting groups could look into.


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