I know Limi mentioned something about wrestling that domain back but I just wanted note my observations on something I like about what drupal has done: giving different messages to different people. I discovered drupal.com the other day which is a slick marketing type site emphasising case studies of drupals use. That is probably targeting those deciding which CMS to use, or media. With the dot org it's more about engaging with people who will download and "participate" in opensource. So the dot com and the dot org kind of separate out those that understand community opensource and those that don't. That's pretty cool.

For Plone,
- plone dot com (how cool is plone),
- plone.org (how to get involved)
- plone.net (who can I sue/get a solution quickly)
would be a great separation of messages (although I think plone.net could be folded back into dot org or dot com to increase it's link juice)

Dylan Jay, Plone Solutions Manager

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