If Plone would be more popular for customers than now, you would lack a lot of integrators to do the job. This is a temporary drawback for the future and maybe an obstacle for quicker growth of the community, even if it is not that well known in the public. In Germany we have this issue for years with the need for Zope and Python cracks (which is in fact a paradise for the current ones ;-)

I am thinking for a while about creating a "Plone Teachers Kit" for evening education, aiming at making Zope and "Plone-the-platform" more popular for young people or adults to manage their personal content (if it is beyond a blog!) in a very simple local setup of "Personal- Plone" on their own PC.

This is focused on making the technology of the platform more recognized for people when it comes to bigger decisions and the question is "Do you know Plone?".

This education format is very popular in Germany. A lot of computer education takes place in the so called VHS VolksHochSchule. Most of the time you can make a PC "Driver License" and will receive boring uncreative "WinDoze" Microsoft Office penetration. There are nearly no ore rare offers on script-programming and office- / business-automation.

If you cover one aspect of this (file-archive and retrieving with moblie web access) the people sharing the experience are in good chance becoming local superstars. Plone is in direct competition with the growing Sharepoint-Marketing of Microsoft. Here people can make good experience and take this into school, organisations, universities, companies.

The ideal format of the material should be a book with a DVD with a live Ubuntu release with Plone containing some instant video collection of Plone pop-stars impressing with the features even when it is in english. (even when it is available on Youtube etc.) with buildout it is a snap to get access to the current releases with web access.

The book should be contained on the Media as PDF and eBook. The publication should be jumpstarted an financially backed up by the Plone Foundation. In fact there will be a full refund of the investment with financial payback and more important an increasing impact on the community.

I have not read the Packt book on Plone "Plone 3 for Education". But it seems much more technical than we need it for this approach.

A good startingpoint for creating such a publication for Plone 4 and 5 in a multi author manner could be setting up a core editor team like we a have a release manager for the software. Plone should be the platform for writing and publishing the eBook version too. The german Plone integrator satzweiss is using a plone setup for creating professional eBooks. We have also some upcoming Plone2Print products.

Armin Stroß-Radschinski

http://www.satzweiss.com/meldungen-news-artikel/belbook-ebook-epub/e-books-nach-rezept-mit-belbook (german only)

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