Some of you will know the EDUCAUSE organization that covers the higher 
education technology space.  I lurk on one of their lists, for 'Web 
Administrators.'  Someone is hosting a 'Drupal Bootcamp' and asked others on 
the list if they had any experience managing such an event.  

While no one said much about how to host the event, there were several quick 
replies about organizing a Drupal sub-community (including someone from my 
local, deep-pocketed alma mater and ex-employer; who also has an active Plone 
community--TriPZUG--which I participate in as I can).  

The exchange seemed like a missed opportunity or something and made me wonder 
if there more plans anything similar for Plone.  I recall a 'Plone4Ed' group, 
but it seems they never got past deciding on a name.  Please correct me if I'm 
wrong on that.

I work in higher ed and am actively trying to use Plone--love to know about 
others doing the same.  I have learned much from Penn State's WebLion stuff 
(many thanks for FSD!), but I'm thinking I'm need something more entry level.  
I'm just learning to drive and their discussion is so much about repairing the 
Lexus.... : )

Any thoughts welcome.


Tom Clark, MLS
Director, Wiggins Library
Shaw University Divinity School

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   1. [DW] Query - Are any government-focused open source
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Subject: [Evangelism] [DW] Query - Are any government-focused open
        source  consortiums still operational?
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Hi There,

I am Csaba, working with Balazs in Hungary, and have run into this question

I think, we can add plonegov, but do you have other thing in your mind to
Let me know pls..


Madarász Csaba

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Subject: [DW] Query - Are any government-focused open source consortiums
still operational?
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I am noticing an uptick in interest again in promoting open source for use
in government technology. This time more on economic reality grounds than

Are any government-oriented consortiums operational anywhere in the world?
This could be either government directly, universities working with
government, or technology vendors who serve government.

Also, is there a short list government technology vendors who use open
source tools actively? And finally is there a government website host that
provides cookie cutter websites built on an open source platform? (The kind
a small town might use for example.)

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Steven Clift

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