Yup, the Python subreddit has a lot of Python people, which is why I put it
there. We should especially jump in and help correct the perception that
people have from trying Plone 3 years ago. Some of the comments are very
uninformed or plain incorrect.

But Reddit should definitely be one of our developer evangelism channels.

PS: Reddit is written in Python, which is also a reason they have such a
good Python community.

2010/1/21 Jon Stahl <jonst...@gmail.com>

> Just wanted to close the loop here with some stats:
> I saw that Alex submitted my "Plone 4 is three times faster..."
> article to http://python.reddit.com.  (Thanks, Alex!)
> Of the 893 visits that the page got yesterday, it appears (from Google
> Analytics) that 229 referred by reddit.com.  That's considerably more
> than came from twitter.com (97, although that almost certainly doesn't
> include those who came via non-web twitter clients), or Facebook (54).
> My conclusion: it's worth the effort to post "hot" Plone-related news
> items or blog posts to python.reddit.com, if we want them to reach an
> audience of interested pythonistas.
> best,
> jon

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