In the 2009 WPD survey some people asked to foster experience sharing or ideas about how to do be a WPD local host. In order to do that I've been working on a small list of questions for former hosts. In this mail I'm sending these questions and i'd like to ask to former hosts to answer, publish on a blog or any other place and send the url to the list. If you don't have a blog, just simply send the answers here.

It only takes 5 minutes and it would be a great contribution to the event. You can read a sample on my blog: http://robertoallende.com/technology/events/wpd-2010-01

So, the questions are:

In which WPD event did you take part as a local host and what kind of activities did you do?
What strategy did you use to meet with people from these sectors?
How much effort is needed to be a WPD local host?
And what about the results?
In your experience, do you think you have a distinctive characteristic that may be of interest to the rest of the hosts?
What are your plans for wpd 2010?

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