here is our current result published on

i had some really good feedbacks on the presentation, and not only from plonistas..
congratulations Karl :D


Il giorno 05/feb/10, alle ore 02:48, Karl Horak ha scritto:

I checked out your translation (not that I can read Italian) and was pleased to see that the layout didn't have to change in any significant manner. With some international fonts, I believe the Prezi style has to change, which may have a pretty radical effect on the entire layout. If anyone wants to take a go at Russian, Kanji, Arabic, Big Five, or other language,
let us know how it turns out.

As you can see, I went heavy on U.S. website screen captures, but there's no reason you couldn't replace any of the images with Italian Plone sites. This makes the presentation largely modular, where parts can be quickly
substituted to fit, for example, an NGO or education audience.

Thanks again,

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