Some of you might remember me - I am Csaba, used to work with Balazs, and
made an interview with Steve (do your remember?) now out of Plone.

But what you are talking about now, makes me to give some feedback, although
I do not make any business with Plone ;)

I am one of the user testing categories, who has been following the Nate
mentioned line of getting touch with Plone:
First was with local governments, later with NGOs and later again with
I wanted to find out what kind of products are do exist, if I imagine Plone
as something that can roll out fast, just as wordpress with additional
functionalities for specific cases ....
I have found pretty interesting things - in some areas, Plone moves a bit
beyond the others (Wordpress, joomla, drupal) if we look at the above
mentioned usecases. Ecampaigning was a great product, although did not gain
the needed interest in the developer community to upgrade it. Many
e-democracy related stuff, half or full developed does exist, but it is not
even visible to the community.
It is a bit about tagging and semantics and as correctly you wrote before:
kniting together and packing an egg.

The recent collaboriative sprint in Oxford, where several European NGO
representatives, responsible for e-campaigning (it is both good for
business, ngos and local govs! ) showed some instersting things - Drupal and
Plone developers were working together for investigating and migrating
systems to Plone, like CIVICRM, and companies sent people and sponsored food
for the event. Not surprisingly, the learning experiance of the developers
was a key element.

But in most areas working functionalities not "budled" under Plone for
specific usecases - (have a look at OpenAtrium)  such as NGOs, for example
e-campaigning. It is not because there are not too many - but from the
community communicational point of view, it migh has not been thought this
way before...and it is really high time to do it! Happy to see your moves!

Let me suggest an issue: Delib is doing a great job in developing online
consultation and opinion gathering products under Plone.
*What about applying the new paradigm and tools for community engagement to
the developer community?*
Of course it needs more communication, and some kind of an ethical-business
role to play, when you are put under Plone's flag, that in this year, we
would like to improve the NGO support..etc....(Sorry if it is not correct).
Drupal fellows making quite good examples (of course, with some funding) and
the wordpress developer community is really responsive in this way.
Sometimes I do feel, that one of the forward moving experiance could be to
learn from other communitites. But in this case, I do think it is about
So please continute to improve the community works!

Cheers from Budapest,


Madarász Csaba

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2010/5/17 Nate Aune <na...@jazkarta.com>

> magine if you are from a university, government agency or non-profit,
> and the first time you download Plone, there is an installer profile
> made just for you, that guides you through the benefits of why Plone
> is right for your particular industry and shows you the value-add of
> these additional modules. I think this could be incredible beneficial
> in helping Plone to get greater adoption in these markets.
> Nate
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