I propose a Plone Magazine (And I'm willing to write the first two
articles). This sounds a bit "out there" but this is how it works.
It would be the online Magazine of the Plone community (think
alistapart.com) but for Plone.
There would be two articles every two weeks by community writers.

The goal would be primarily to review useful Plone Add-ons and themes.

Imagine content like this:
"In this issue We review the "Green Community" Theme and we take the
"CacheSetup" product for a spin."

At the end of each review each product is rated based on a few things such as:
* uninstalls cleanly
* can be fully configured via site setup configlets

A theme is assessed with criteria such as:
* theme implemented on the login form
* clean layout for the control panel etc...

The site could be sponsored by various Plone consultancies and
(similar to World Plone Day), contribution to the site could be
considered as a way to get your logo on the site.

This could also become the prototype for "copy cat" magazines that
might want to use the same format but address different topics.

On Mon, May 17, 2010 at 2:23 PM, Ken Wasetis [Contextual Corp.]
<ken.wase...@contextualcorp.com> wrote:
> I think you bring up some great points, Csaba, and I hope we're all able
> to carry the momentum forward and produce some results in these areas as
> well.  Nate (and Alan, and Alex, and Calvin, and Chris Johnson) and I
> were all at an open source CMS Expo recently in the Chicago area, and I
> think it was a great experience for many reasons, but on this subject,
> especially from the standpoint of learning from what the other
> communities are doing - whether it is making Plone more easy to test out
> via the click of a button on some new 'demo.plone.org' site we should
> have setup, or via a cpanel or plesk integration that most mass hosting
> companies use, or whether it's building up the niche-specific
> collateral/teams to help get the word out about Plone4Education,
> Plone4Government, etc., etc.
> One of the things I've heard from existing clients, that I think you
> allude to below, is:  How do I wade through all the 3,000+ extensions on
> Plone.org and figure out which ones are still maintained, recommended,
> widely used, and which sites are using them?
> I think that one thing the other communities do really well - that we
> could certainly improve upon - is the use of tagging and rating of
> extensions.  Take, for example, http://extensions.joomla.org/
> The Joomla community treats this area about as well as visiting the App
> Store for the iPhone, with more information about: Ratings of the
> product by users/developers, URLs using the extension, presenting the
> site as though it's a software product type website (recently added and
> featured products sections on its landing page) instead of more of a
> closet of applications we're stuffing away somewhere.  This area has
> improved a lot over the past few years on Plone.org as well, so don't
> get me wrong - we have nice tagging by feature area and Plone version,
> but we could still improve.  People want to know who is using this
> add-on and where, as well as how recently it's been deployed.
> I think that the SugarCRM project takes this even a step further by
> providing an entire portal around their extensions:
> http://www.sugarforge.org/  and giving props to developers that are most
> actively releasing add-ons, showing the 'top downloads', and they have a
> monthly email newsletter that showcases some of the recent/featured
> products.
> Plone has some 'killer add-ons' as well (Salesforce, SOLR, and LDAP
> integration, the e-campaigning tools you mention, etc.), and just as
> most people who have an iPhone do so for the apps, not for the phone
> capabilities, we could do a better job of bringing people to Plone as a
> vibrant platform for the 'things you can do with it', not just as a true
> CMS.
> -Ken
> Csaba Madarász wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > Some of you might remember me - I am Csaba, used to work with Balazs,
> > and made an interview with Steve (do your remember?) now out of Plone.
> >
> > But what you are talking about now, makes me to give some feedback,
> > although I do not make any business with Plone ;)
> >
> > I am one of the user testing categories, who has been following the
> > Nate mentioned line of getting touch with Plone:
> > First was with local governments, later with NGOs and later again with
> > e-democracy.
> > I wanted to find out what kind of products are do exist, if I imagine
> > Plone as something that can roll out fast, just as wordpress with
> > additional functionalities for specific cases ....
> > I have found pretty interesting things - in some areas, Plone moves a
> > bit beyond the others (Wordpress, joomla, drupal) if we look at the
> > above mentioned usecases. Ecampaigning was a great product, although
> > did not gain the needed interest in the developer community to upgrade
> > it. Many e-democracy related stuff, half or full developed does exist,
> > but it is not even visible to the community.
> > It is a bit about tagging and semantics and as correctly you wrote
> > before: kniting together and packing an egg.
> >
> > The recent collaboriative sprint in Oxford, where several European NGO
> > representatives, responsible for e-campaigning (it is both good for
> > business, ngos and local govs! ) showed some instersting things -
> > Drupal and Plone developers were working together for investigating
> > and migrating systems to Plone, like CIVICRM, and companies sent
> > people and sponsored food for the event. Not surprisingly, the
> > learning experiance of the developers was a key element.
> >
> > But in most areas working functionalities not "budled" under Plone for
> > specific usecases - (have a look at OpenAtrium)  such as NGOs, for
> > example e-campaigning. It is not because there are not too many - but
> > from the community communicational point of view, it migh has not been
> > thought this way before...and it is really high time to do it! Happy
> > to see your moves!
> >
> > Let me suggest an issue: Delib is doing a great job in developing
> > online consultation and opinion gathering products under Plone.
> > /What about applying the new paradigm and tools for community
> > engagement to the developer community?/
> > Of course it needs more communication, and some kind of an
> > ethical-business role to play, when you are put under Plone's flag,
> > that in this year, we would like to improve the NGO
> > support..etc....(Sorry if it is not correct).
> > Drupal fellows making quite good examples (of course, with some
> > funding) and the wordpress developer community is really responsive in
> > this way.
> > Sometimes I do feel, that one of the forward moving experiance could
> > be to learn from other communitites. But in this case, I do think it
> > is about leadership.
> > So please continute to improve the community works!
> >
> > Cheers from Budapest,
> >
> > Csaba
> >
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> > 2010/5/17 Nate Aune <na...@jazkarta.com <mailto:na...@jazkarta.com>>
> >
> >     magine if you are from a university, government agency or non-profit,
> >     and the first time you download Plone, there is an installer profile
> >     made just for you, that guides you through the benefits of why Plone
> >     is right for your particular industry and shows you the value-add of
> >     these additional modules. I think this could be incredible beneficial
> >     in helping Plone to get greater adoption in these markets.
> >
> >     Nate
> >
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