That makes a lot of sense. I can start by reviewing stuff I use
regulary so probably collective.uploadify and collective.easyslider.

On Mon, May 17, 2010 at 9:07 PM, Mark A Corum <> wrote:
> David,
> We have a  news roundup of Plone news which appears on the
> first of each month called "This Month in Plone."  Check it out on the
> front page of  It currently includes articles pulled from
> news releases, upcoming events, information on upcoming and
> new software releases, along with interviews and articles which are
> written specifically for this venue.  We also feature new sites which
> have been rolled out by Plone companies.
> We are looking to ramp this up as more of a news/marketing tool for
> Plone.  Adding reviews of products and themes would be an interesting
> direction to take this, and your reviews would have the advantage of
> the traffic and visibility which provides.
> I'd be very happy to offer you this forum as a place for your
> articles.  I also invite anyone else on the Evangelism list with ideas
> for news, Plone websites to feature, events which impact the Plone
> community, and particularly articles or reviews of interest to our
> readers to submit them for consideration to
> One of the items we'll be working on at next week's Marketing Sprint
> at the Penn State Symposium is a set of writers' guidelines for the
> publication.
> Send us your story ideas or stories so we can share them with the
> community and the public at large.
> Mark
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> On Mon, May 17, 2010 at 5:50 PM, David Bain <> wrote:
>> I propose a Plone Magazine (And I'm willing to write the first two
>> articles). This sounds a bit "out there" but this is how it works.
>> It would be the online Magazine of the Plone community (think
>> but for Plone.
>> There would be two articles every two weeks by community writers.
>> The goal would be primarily to review useful Plone Add-ons and themes.
>> Imagine content like this:
>> "In this issue We review the "Green Community" Theme and we take the
>> "CacheSetup" product for a spin."
>> At the end of each review each product is rated based on a few things such 
>> as:
>> * uninstalls cleanly
>> * can be fully configured via site setup configlets
>> A theme is assessed with criteria such as:
>> * theme implemented on the login form
>> * clean layout for the control panel etc...
>> The site could be sponsored by various Plone consultancies and
>> (similar to World Plone Day), contribution to the site could be
>> considered as a way to get your logo on the site.
>> This could also become the prototype for "copy cat" magazines that
>> might want to use the same format but address different topics.
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