I thought this email thread on the Python Conferences mailing list [1] might
be relevant to recent efforts by Matt Hamilton who is organizing the
PloneConf2010 to attract non-developers to the conferences.

Maybe we could join forces with the Python folks to share marketing material
and talking points about the use of Python at schools, business, government,


[1] http://mail.python.org/mailman/listinfo/conferences

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Facundo Batista wrote:
> On Tue, Jul 13, 2010 at 5:36 AM, M.-A. Lemburg <m...@egenix.com> wrote:
>> Do you think we'd need an English brochure would work well with the
>> attendees ?
>> If we get enough interest from Spanish and French speaking countries,
>> we may be able to run additional print jobs with a translated versions.
> We're producing all printing material in Spanish.
> Which kind of brochures are you aiming to create?

It's going to be a general purpose high quality Python image brochures
to promote Python.

One of the ideas behind this is to reach out to
people who are not directly involved in programming, e.g. higher
level management, school administrations, governments, customers
who you need to convince of the usefulness of Python, students/parents
you want to convince that learning Python is a good thing, etc. etc.

We also plan to extract information from the brochure to produce flyers.

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