We just had a successful couple of days at Plone foundation booth at  
the OSSPAC conference here in sydney Australia. We used a vertical  
freestanding sign based on sixfeetup's design, and printed some nice  
brochures based on the great design Netsight produced. Thanks guys.  
Great examples of how co-developed open source can still market with a  
central organisation! And thanks to the Plone Foundation for co- 
sponsoring the booth.
We also had a stack of these great bookmarks someone produced for the  
2008 conference which said "plone is fun" and "plone is sexy". This is  
something that got some interest and also questions about how exactly  
is Plone sexy?
I had my own answers such as Deco, Python and "Never been hacked". I'm  
just curious how others would answer this?

Dylan Jay
Plone Solutions Manager. www.pretaweb.com
P +612 80819071   M +61421477460
skype - dylan_jay    twitter - djay75

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