Hi Calvin,

Thanks for remove that portlet.

I have few ideas to work for WPD 2011, mainly to help event organizers
that are the heart of the event:

- WPD Plone Theme (to easy create a event site)
- Some Plone basic presentations
- Web banners
- Poster for print
- New t-shirt
- Suggestion for topics and activities

I will detail these itens and call for help in next days.

We also have to start work in social media.

Who is the "owner" of @worldploneday? we need to do some updates there.
I found some profiles and fan page at facebook. Any of these are oficial?


Andre Nogueira
Simples Consultoria

2010/11/30 Calvin Hendryx-Parker <cal...@sixfeetup.com>:
> I noticed that you still have the portlet to order a t-shirt, but we
> haven't talked about creating any this year.  Do you have a proposed
> marketing plan that we can act on for items like this yet?
> Thanks,
> Calvin
> André Nogueira wrote:
>> Hi Calvin,
>> I created a event for WPD here:
>> http://plone.org/events/wpd/world-plone-day-april-27th-2011
>> But I don´t have privileges to publish or send to publish (a reported bug)
>> Also would be nice if I had privileges in WPD folder to add a 2011 folder
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