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unfortunately we have to wait some time for my feedback on Deco, because I am in other projects now. But...

The story of creating a new User-Group Session Format


Last time we had a local user group meeting in december, Timo Stollenwerk did a great wrapup of the Plone Conf input onthe state of Plone and the future roadmap. We showed my running deco buildout to give the audience a live feeling of Deco and Dexterity.

Both are much more TTW content creation than developers want to mention.

The idea

Some days after the meeting Jan Ulrich Hasecke and I took the time to reflect the format of our meetings and how we can improve the experience and take our community further.

I had the idea to make coworking sessions similar to sprints, but not focused on the development, but more aiming at finishing the real world tasks of integrators setting up sites but now also doing this side by side in a coworking session. This should not be compareable with barcamps nor learning camps.

Jan Ulrich suggested a name we could use internationally for this kind of events:

" Plone HandsOn Meetings"

The concept

A typical starting/primer topic can be coming together and setting up Deco buildouts, Configuring Dexterity Types TTW and do some roundtripping development in the filesystem. Then styling this output with Diazo in the next steps should be a great experience either you are already a Plone infected person or curious.

In fact the difference to a "workshop" like we did the last years on the FrOSCon conferences is not that great, but changing the name changes the audience.

The didactic base for these sessions could be a web-platform containing screencasts, slides and prezies etc. to be reused as entry lessions. This is "chain reaction ware". Every effort invested in this direction should pay back and increase the community spreading factor from linear to logarithmic.

One important source thing should be a general "HowTo contribute" to this ressource. We have a lot of stuff at Plone.org taht can be reused but with different focus / wording.



Am 21.01.2011 um 09:52 schrieb Geir Bækholt:

On 17-01-2011 16:03, Armin Stroß-Radschinski wrote:
Rob and the other implementing programmers need fedback from actual use
cases. Even ending up with other tools, give it a try and use it as
expected by Dylan for nice landing pages first. RSS is working so you
can aggregate content. Check out if references to AT-Types are already
working as claimed in Bristol for the upcoming steps.

Have a nice try. Mastering Deco for Early Bird Adopters is one of my
next challenges too!

Please share/write to lists/blog about your experiences using Deco at this stage. Real life usage is probably what is most needed to move the project forward at this time.

Geir Bækholt

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