After attending a local tech gathering <> focused on sorting out various CMSes, I wanted to share a thought about Plone t-shirts. Due to some panel size limitations, Plone was not represented on the panel but I was able to get a few good words in for Plone along with a couple of panelists who, when asked, would seriously consider Plone as a second choice CMS if their's was not available. So to bolster the case for Plone and get out some advertising I wore my Plone Tune-Up shirt, currently my only Plone shirt.

The issue with this shirt and others is that the word "Plone" is pretty small and can't be read at a distance greater than a few feet. Don't get me wrong, I love my tune-up shirt (thanks again Six Feet Up!) and it's design/purpose was not for billboard advertising. But from across the room someone couldn't read "Plone" on my shirt; and at this type of event that could be a missed opportunity. Several attendees came new to the various CMSes and were searching for the right system. Not having a chance to talk individually with everyone, I would want someone, from across the room, to be able to quickly glance over to where I am and cleary see "Plone" on my shirt. I want them to see "Plone" and know how to spell "Plone" so they can later search for "Plone". This is important. I want someone who has never heard of "plone" nor ever heard someone say the name "plone" to be given the spelling for "Plone". The Plone logo is fine but I don't think it is universally known as the plone logo outside of the plone/cms communities, especially to people new to Plone/CMSes; try searching for "Plone" as compared to doing an image search for "circle with three blue dots".

I'm not saying that all shirts from now on should have Plone in REALLY BIG LETTERS. Just if your purpose or the event's purpose is to introduce Plone to new people make sure they can read Plone from across the room.

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