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PC makers hike prices - in Asia
By Drew Cullen

Last week it was Apple: this week it is the turn of Japanese PC makers NEC
and Sony and Korean maker Trigem to follow suit.

They are increasing prices in Asia, citing increased component costs. This
is the first time that PC prices have risen in Japan for five years,
according to Bloomberg.

Sony is raising prices by up to 10 per cent, while in Korea, Trigem is
hiking prices by three per cent.

But are the price rises sustainable? The Japanese PC market is described as
saturated, and demand is already depressed. Price rises will, presumably,
depress demand even further.

Apple last week hiked iMac prices by $100 a unit, blaming higher prices for
DRAM and LCD monitors. And at the end of January, several prominent PC
builders in the UK, including Time and Mesh, raised prices in response to a
sudden leap in DRAM costs.

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