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I can now tell you all about this very exciting software project I put out a
call for investment on. Some of you have already found the link on our front
page that has been there for the last 24 hours - and thank you for your kind
comments - I am honored to be in such a position to bring this to the people
of America and the world for free.

The product is called Window Scene and you can find it here:

What we have is incredibly unique, in fact I believe it is one of a kind. If
you are an American, especially a New Yorker this will have extra special
meaning to you.

Complete the registration form to get a thank you gift.

We are still needing a little more investment before I can commit to getting
this out before September though, so contact me if you want to know more
about that.

Also, if you are in New York and have some spare time next week, I will be
shooting the Towers of Light Scene and would love some help if you are able.


Shane Anderson
Mac EvangeList List Dad
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The only thing Apple has a monopoly on - is compliments.

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