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Apple needs to send this guy an iMac!
-Aaron Meyer
Zionsville, IN

Crashed computer boots local man into jail
Owner takes out frustration with a sledgehammer
By John Lee
Post-Crescent staff writer

GRAND CHUTE ‹ Since January, Gary Wilke has felt more than a little
frustrated with his daughter¹s $2,600 computer.

He took it back to the store he purchased it from ‹ five times.

There¹s been a new hard drive installed, a four-hour home visit from a
computer technician and problems such as no sound and the inability to
³burn² CDs, said Wilke, N512 Sonny Court, Appleton.

The computer still wouldn¹t boot up when he got it home from the shop

When he went back Monday, he took the machine and told the staff he would
take care of it.

He put the computer processing unit in the foyer of the store, went to his
car, got what witnesses described as a ³large sledgehammer² and pummeled it.

Wilke denies reports from a store employee that he used profanity.

³I didn¹t want to cause any trouble,² he said. ³I wasn¹t there to harm

³I said, ŒHave a good day,¹ and I left.²

Later, he was arrested at his home by Outagamie County deputies, and turned
over to Grand Chute police.

They jailed him, and he was released later Monday after posting a $150 bond
for disorderly conduct, a misdemeanor charge.

Kasey Marx, the manager of Gateway Country, 728 N. Casaloma Drive, where the
incident occurred, declined comment.

³I don¹t really want to make a big deal out of it,² he said.

Wilke, 51, knows soon he will receive the formal summons in the mail, and
get his day in court. He said he didn¹t do it for anybody but himself.

³But I wonder how many people are out there complaining and not getting
service,² he said. ³It feels good in a way.²

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