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Hey, my first article on our new iWriters section, I hope you like it.

A PDA made for Mac users

Is the PDA revolution still going on? Every year we are told the PDA
revolution is upon us, only to be told months later that sales have not met
expectations. I have owned a PDA since my Newton MessagePad 130, then a
MessagePad 2100, then a Palm somethingX, then a Handspring Visor Deluxe,
then frustrated I went back the the MessagePad 2100 and then stopped using a
PDA altogether.

It was no long after I got rid of the Visor that I realized I really did
need a PDA after all. It was at this time I had heard about a new model
PalmOS device soon to be released in Japan and then in the US a few months
later. Could I wait that long? I investigated the specs...yes I could!

*9/11/2001*  We will never forget -

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