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I have the opportunity to buy a mac-oriented business and would like your
wisdom/advice/opinion as to whether this is or is not a good idea.

The business in question is software for older Macs. Systems 7 through OS
8.6, '030, '040 and early PPC. Design, Education, Reference, Games,
Utilities, Web, Business, CPU model specific start-up disks. Apple, Adobe,
Quark, Microsoft. Hundreds of titles, most in original boxes, with many in
original shrink wrap. Even books and manuals.

The owner has been collecting and selling Mac memory and software for over
12 years, first from a store, now from his home, and at computer shows
throughout the midwest.

However, he is now terminally ill. As such, he would like to sell his Mac
software to someone who would carry on his legacy.

As a customer of his, as a member of the EvangeList (back to Guy), I go back
to the Dark Days when almost everyone said, "Apple's going down!" when you
told them you had a Macintosh. So my heart says to take this opportunity.

Because lots of older Macs still seem to be in use, and people need software
for them that does not have the memory and processor requirements of today's
advanced machines, my heart says that there is a market for this software.

I have the business model worked out, some Mac connections in the industry,
and the help and good will of the owner to help me succeed, should I decide
to do this. And the price is right. But my head says to proceed with

Why? I am presently self-employed part time, and though I can come up with
the money if I decide to go ahead, it does come out of my retirement and is
thousands of dollars. One friend says I would be better off getting a "real"
job part time, as their is no investment. I am sure lots of the members of
this list must own older Macs; would you be in the market for this type of
software? Do you look for software that would keep your older machines
useful? Do you have an older Mac tucked away because you just can't find
enough software for it?

I am sorry this is so long, but I really need your advice. Do the quality,
power and price of today's G3 & G4 iMacs make such a venture a foolish one?
With OS X as the future, do you think there is (or will be) more or less of
a market for older Macintosh software? While critics say older software is
less feature- rich and that it's time to accept that the future is OS X, the
continued use of lots of older Macs suggests that this would be a good

Any wisdom you could offer would be sincerely appreciated. Please respond to
me personally so as to not clutter up the list. My deepest thanks.

J.M. Pawlowski

*9/11/2001*  We will never forget -

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