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I am in desperate need of help. I have been given the task of creating a
video presentation for our church. I have iMovie 2 on a first generation
iBook (no FireWire port; only USB). iMovie will not recognize any clips that
I have saved in QuickTime format. Is there any way to import existing QT
movies into iMovie?

Also, I have a desktop system that has an older video capture card (RCA in
and out, s-Video; again, no FireWire) and a compatible VHS-C camcorder (RCA
out only). Is there any way to convert VHS video into something that iMovie
will recognize?

I am under the gun here so any help would be appreciated.

By the way, I have on the desktop system (a G3 All-In-One; 266MHz) an older
program called Avid Cinema. It worked fine until I upgraded to OS 9.2. Now I
can't import any video via the RCA jacks. Any known issues between QuickTime
5 Pro and older software like Avid? Should I downgrade to 8.6? Again, help
is appreciated.

Randy Missildine

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