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Can a Windows guy learn to love the Mac? You bet!
David Coursey,
Executive Editor, AnchorDesk
Thursday, April 18, 2002

"Can a Windows-dependent technology columnist live happily as a Mac user?
That's the question I am about to spend a month of my life trying to

That's how I started my "month on Mac" series, which now runs to seven
columns. Yes, it's been three months rather than one, but I had my reasons
for stretching it out.

First, I spent February in the clutches of a nasty flu. Then I started
worrying that I was writing about Apple too much, which makes some of my
readers antsy, and decided I should spread out the columns a bit.

And when I'd used up all my other excuses, I finally came to the real reason
I'd extended the experiment: I like this little iMac and don't want to give
it up. It's a whole lot more fun than my Windows machine, and a great
creative tool for whacking out these daily columns.

AT ONE POINT, I even took a G4 PowerBook up to Microsoft for a few days.
Everyone ogled the cool Titanium exterior and gave me only a little guff
over the operating system. As I said to one (but only one) MS product
manager, "See, I'm running Office--and here's Windows 2000 running on the
Mac--you have a problem with that?"

As promised, I pretty much divorced myself from the PC for the past three
months. Over the course of these three months, most of my computing has
migrated away from it. My entire world--documents, spreadsheets,
photographs, e-mail--is now on the iMac--and I'm pretty happy with things
the way they are.

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