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Apple Icon On The Auction Block

An Apple Computer icon will be sold to the highest bidder this weekend
(hint: it's not one of Steve Jobs' turtlenecks). One of the few remaining
Apple I machines will soon find a new retirement home, thanks to an online
auction conducted by the organizers of the Vintage Computer Festival.
Bidding begins Friday at 8 a.m. PST and ends Sunday at 5 p.m. PST.

The Vintage Computer Festival's mission is to "promote the preservation of
'obsolete' computers," and the Apple I certainly qualifies. Steve Wozniak
designed it while working at Hewlett-Packard and offered it to the company.
HP passed, letting Wozniak and Jobs sow the seeds for a $5.3 billion
business. Of the 200 Apple I machines originally assembled by Wozniak and
Jobs--and priced at $666.66--only about 50 are believed to still exist.

The machine on the auction block is in working condition--as long as you
don't mind gazing extensively at a 9-inch monochrome display. More auction
information can be found at: .

- Sandra Swanson

*9/11/2001*  We will never forget -

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