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Haven't asked for help in a long time. But I may need some ammo and facts
next Wednesday. Will be meeting with the architect and someone from a
company that will be designing a sound system for our future church
building. The specific sound components will be pretty straight forward,
however, I want to be sure that any "multi-media" hookups and systems be Mac
capable. I need info on what programs are available to handle projection of
materials to large screens, that could include anything from texts to video.
We are on a tight budget and will probably defer many purchases, but I want
to be sure we are ready for expansion/gifts/future needs. I would even
appreciate appropriate questions to ask the consultant.

Any recommendations concerning projectors - brands, output, input, etc.
Particularly ease of use with a Mac, of course.

Programs that could also handle lighting and/or sound output (rather than
manual tape/CD) would be an added incentive for using a Mac or two.

I will, of course, compile and report the results as well as anything I
learn from the meeting.


Jim C.

*9/11/2001*  We will never forget -

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