and we are live EventController v.1.3

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> the list of updates are long and its major but only a small amount of
> interface elements have changed but now you can do even more with this small
> 2k event controlling system.
> to our list members ;)
> here is the list of updates you can download it from our svn(still working
> on documentation, samples and testing might make minor tweaks to
> EC/EventController)
> to get it before everyone else:
> svn checkout 
> whats new in 1.3.labs
> - NEW! - API Change remove methods (remove, removeObjEvents,removeCluster)
> return an Array instead of a Boolean
>   the array lists out all of the events that have been removed from the
> class (the desposed events)
>   you can now store that data and restart the events by sending the Array
> back.
> - NEW! - a new method introduced into the LEC/EventController  removeEvent
> - it is a much less processor intensive and
>   is used internally but can be used when you want to remove a single event
> as well and it returns an object with the event information that was
> removed.
> - NEW! - a new method introduced into the LEC addGroup - it works in tandem
> with the fact that now we return
>   Array's with information on what was removed enabling you to create/pause
> and release events.
>   the storage of paused events are in the hands of the developer by saving
> the Array you can then
>   send it back when you want to reactivate it or if you want to have custom
> tracing of what you removed
>   you can loop through the extracted data.
> - events are tested to be IEventDispatcher and
>   not EventDispatcher to enable custom EventDispachers to be used
> - NEW! - the global LEC is exposed so experienced users can work directly
> with it - LEC.getGlobal();
>   cutting the need for the EC/EventController classes and improving
> performance as there
>   is less work with static functions recommended to create a local variable
> and append to it the data:
>   example:
>   var global:LEC = LEC.getGlobal();
>   and working with the global variable cutting down the processing
> involved.
> - NEW! debugger extracted into its own class so now on if you want to debug
> you need to turn the switch on
>   calling the plug method to include a new log:
>   LEC.plug(ClassicLog); //will include the same old and sweet debugger if
> you prefer working with a debugger tool
>   you can send it to the plug look at how the DelegateLog works for
> information on how to work with your fav debugging tool
> - when working with EventController it does not import the EC anymore and
> is stand alone.
>   cutting down 87 bits that weren't needed ;) but improved performance when
> working directly with
>   the Eventcontroller.
> - whenever possible static methods where localized to the objects to cut
> down on performance.
> - so we hear you and where conflicted(or at least made us ;) some of you
> wanted to work with the class but needed
>   a way to be more strongly typed so we decided the public API's for
> EventController/EC should remain
>   the same as we think they are going to be used most by the small project
> developers but the real hard
>   core power hub is at LEC so we converted all the functions we can to be
> more strictly typed  besides the multi
>   function ones remove/log  and added in some more hard type ones to
> complete the full deal.
>   but if you need/want to work hard typed you can work directly with the
> remove counter parts
>   LEC.add(obj:IEventDispatcher,...
>   LEC.removeObjEvents(obj:IEventDispatcher)
>   LEC.removeEvent(obj:IEventDispatcher,...
>   to enable these users to get compiler errors. in other words:
>   EC.add({},... - would generate a run time error
>   LEC.getGlobal().add({},... - would generate a compiler error
>   as many functions have multiple usages they can not be hard typed such as
> remove and log.
> - and the best news we are still under 2k if you work directly with the LEC
> or 2.1k if working with EC
> --
> Best regards,
> Ben Fhala

Best regards,

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