in a way you have something similar to destroy:

lec.remove(new RegExp(""));

would remove everything
and then you can delete your variable and your good to go.

i'm wondering if maybe we should create a new API method as it does sound
like something many people would want to do but in the backend of it it
would be basically the same thing as what i have up in the line above
we are searching through all the cluster and removing everything by sending
it a RegExp that would always be true.

Thanks so much for the feedback its a good point i'll add it to my list of
things to follow ;)
p.s. what peoples thoughts on this should we add a new method or keep it
minimal as long as there is accesses to do it ?

On Fri, Apr 23, 2010 at 10:49 AM, gary <> wrote:

> Should there be a destroy method in LEC so that all the memory can be
> freed?
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