I am trying to build a task broker using EventMachine, thread pools and a 
fibers. I wanted to validate the approach and ask questions about some 
challenges I am facing.

The task broker runs a thread-pool (perhaps not EM.defer) to which 
individual tasks are assigned.
The tasks are I/O bound, but occasionally may do CPU bound activity.

Proposed design:
1. EventMachine event loop runs in its own thread.
2. Each task is represented by a Ruby Proc / lambda. Worker threads from a 
thread pool service each task.
3. A worker thread runs the task in a fiber. There is a global EM::Queue 
for shipping I/O work to the EM loop. Each task creates a channel that the 
EM loop uses to ship data back to the task. 4. The task subscribes to the 
channel it creates. It does a Fiber.yield after shipping I/O to the EM 
loop. And in the subscription callback, it resumes itself.

This way, using Fibers to represent tasks, I hoped to have single threads 
multiplexing multiple tasks. But I am somehow not able to pull this off. Is 
this a viable approach?


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