Hello All,

I'm using eventmachine with evma_httpserver in my application to host a 
HTTPS server on top of the eventmachine.

I have a need now to make the HTTPS server supply two different 
certificates - I've been looking into SNI (Server Name Identification) for 
the same.
However, I'm having a hard time understanding the server-side 
implementation of SNI within eventmachine.

I believe I'll have to use/override a callback method as part of the 
server-side SNI implementation, to determine which server certificate to be 
sent to the client for each request received. I'm not able to determine the 
callback method / the workflow based on the source code or documentations 
for eventmachine.

Any insight into this would be very helpful!

Gem Versions:
eventmachine =>
eventmachine_httpserver => 0.2.1

Thank You,

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