Hi Gabor, hi @all,

regarding CeBIT 2010, we have already these commitments:

   -> represented by me ;-)
   -> 3 days
   -> OTRS will provide some material (flyer,...) as soon as they have some
   -> I will ask OTRS Inc. for financial support (e.g. for LiveDVD)
 * Foswiki
   -> represented by one or two people from Foswiki Association
   -> 1 or 2 days
   -> they will provide some material (flyer,...) as soon as they have
 * Padre
   -> represented by Gabor
   -> 4 days

We will have:

 * brochures
 * LiveDVD
 * material about projects
 * ...

I would propose to "feature" one project per day, as they can do better marketing by saying "come to CeBIT 2010 on March 3rd to learn about our cool project"...

I would propose this "schedule":

March, 2nd: tba
March, 3rd: OTRS
March, 4th: Foswiki
March, 5th: Padre
March, 6th: none (last day is the busiest one)

If that is ok for you, I'll let the OTRS and Foswiki people know, so they can start their marketing machines ;-)

- Renée

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