Hi all,

We are back in business after a great Fosdem event. Thanks to Gabor,
Dave, Salve, Dirk and other Perl fanatics for having a Perl presence and
talks there !

Salve brought some nice business cards with him. I tried to have some
extra printed but the printing office I know couldn't print some during

I asked the printing office a price for 500 of those business cards (pdf
attached (*)) which I just received. By the way, if anybody has a high-res
version of the Rakudo logo, please send it to Slane as he mentioned that
the front joke shouldn't apply to the back side of the card ;)
Price is 150 EUR for 500 cards. Printed in recto/verso color on 300g
paper and varnished (this word was hopefully translated correctly from
French 'vernis' by babelfish).

This information sent to this list as these cards might be interesting
for Cebit or whatever other event.

(*) The list rejected this mail because of the attachments. So they are
    available at these links for a limited time..
  - http://ecocode.net/files/FOSDEM-Perl-promo-card-front-1.0.pdf
  - http://ecocode.net/files/FOSDEM-Perl-promo-card-back-rakudo-1.0.pdf


Erik Colson

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