Hi everyone,

I am glad the reports of FOSDEM are flowing in from several people.
It would be even better if we collected this information in an
organized matter so

Dirk, Erik, Salve and anyone else who has further ideas, could you please update
the wiki page on http://www.perlfoundation.org/perl5/index.cgi?events
with a list of the ideas, improvements and general instructions for
people attending
events or having a stand.

IMHO it would also be important to collect the art-work we used for
creating the materials. I got two .eps files from JJ and from Rich and
a .png file.
We should have the source for the tuits and the postcards and if
possible even the
name cards Salve prepared. I am not sure what would be the right place
to collect
but maybe on the web site of TPF?
I am quite sure there are more such materials from previous events.

Karen, do you think the TPF web site would be a good place to
hold those files? How could we coordinate the uploading of the files,
their maintenance and making sure the license of each file is clear?


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