we have discussed lots of things during and after FOSDEM, I'd like to
pick up a few one-by-one and see if we can do them.

We talked about that fact that it would be nice to have personal
business cards for the people who are around the perl stand or people
who do work for The Perl Foundation.

I am now looking at the business card I got from someone from the
Mozilla Foundation. It has roughly the
following information:

On the front side it has his name, his title (which is just a funny
text) e-mail address @mozilla.org, mobile phone link to his home page,
and the Mozilla logo with the URL of www.mozilla.org

On the other side it has a cloud of words: people, Internet, open,
choice, community,...

I think it would be a good idea to give such name cards with the Perl
logo (one of them) to everyone who represents Perl on the various

I don't think if it is necessary to offer an e-mail address @perl.org,
@pm.org or @perlfoundation.org or how would that be handled but having
such cards would be nice. If the name is large enough we could also
use these as name tags to be pinned to the T-shirts.

Pricing: It would be important to check the prices in other places as
well but I checked it with the printing shop I am using and it costs
120 NIS ~ 35 USD for 200 one sided cards.

BTW I also got a price offer for the community cards Salve produced.
There the price is slightly higher about 45 USD for 200 cards.

What I'll need is someone to produce a design for this (or several
designs to pick from)
and then we can run the process.

What do you think?


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